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Free Palestine: Watermelon Brooches $15 plus $5 postage

by Margaret Mayhew





Free Palestine: Soul of my soul (print) $40 plus $5 postage

Watercolour on paper

by Anne Galbraith

25cmx25cm $40.00





Flowers for Palestine $40 pickup or delivery

bunch of seasonal homegrown flowers

by Janet Galbraith

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The Fox $12 plus $2.20 postage

“The Fox” is a tale about power and it’s uncertainty, portrayed through the eyes of a hungry animal roaming the countryside for food.  In the same format as “The Strong Sunflower”, this book features a collection of beautiful artworks, all made in response to Mohammad’s words.


The Strong Sunflower $10 plus $2.20 postage

“The Strong Sunflower” is a profound example of the human impulse for persistence, creativity and empathy. Ten visual artists respond with generous and vivid images which bring Mohammad Ali Maleki’s insightful and moving poem into sharp focus. This is a short book with deep roots, to be cherished and sown widely. (Andy Jackson, Writer)


I Will Rise  $25 plus $3.30 postage

“Hani is an incredibly brave writer. This book is a cathartic journey, purging her hardships through the creation of beauty. Hani throughout the pain of her experiences has kept hope and joy alive through her poetry. From Somalia to Christmas Island detention to Sydney, the theme of Hani’s challenging life has been and still is ‘I Will Rise’. The poems are full of passion, emotion and intellectual depth. The kind of passion that tears at the reader/listener and forces us to question out won role in keeping prolific artists like this locked away from Australian shores. The richness of her language and the vividness of her imagery signals the beginnings of a great writer. Keep watching this poet.”

  • Miles Merril, Word Travels.

From Hell to Hell


From Hell to Hell

Temporarily unavailable

‘In the current political climate of secrecy that envelops Australia’s treatment of people seeking asylum in our country, it is rare to hear first-hand accounts from within Australia’s detention centres. The small amount we do hear usually comes from whistle-blowers breaching contracts and deeds of confidentiality to speak out. Almost never do we hear from the people detained inside our centres.

Ravi is one man willing to speak about what happened to him (note I have not changed his name to hide his identity). After travelling to Australia from Sri Lanka by boat, Ravi was detained in the Nauru Regional Processing Centre and then Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation for over three years. Towards the end of 2015, Ravi was permitted to live in the community on a bridging visa.’ – Mark Isaacs (The Undesireables)

Ravi has been working on his poems and art work for years now.  He says that writing and drawing were a tool to deal with the suffering, despair and degradation he experienced in Australia’s detention camps.  Ravi has been a constant and supportive member of many who are part of the Writing Through Fences community.

We congratulate him on the publication of his  book: “From Hell to Hell’.

Published by Writing Through Fences 2015

Temporarily unavailable

Our Beautiful Voices

Our Beautiful Voices

Our Beautiful Voices $15.00 $2.20 postage

When I was sent this collection, I was so very happy.  It was, and is, a great joy to me to hear, writer-to-reader, direct voices from our 21st-century Australian gulags. – Melissa Lucashenko

Our Beautiful Voices is written by people who have been held in Australia’s immigration detention camps.  Compiled by Janet Galbraith of Writing Through Fences this collection is, as Arnold Zable writes, ‘Heartbreaking [and] wrought from suffering and hard-won experience’.  It is also an intimate collection of moments of despair and hope.  ‘In reading them we are infused with wonder that such words can emerge from such dark places’ – Arnold Zable

The chapbook was published in 2013 by Mark Time Books

Your Beautiful Names


Your Beautiful Names

No longer available

This collection is a poetic response to Our Beautiful Voices by poets of the Castlemaine Word Mine.

This is a profoundly moving collection as each poet actively engages with the poems by the writers of Our Beautiful Voices.  This is an work of creative solidarity,  listening, and art.

Published by Castlemaine Word Mine 2015

 Your Beautiful Names is out of print

From other publishers

Cuando Fui Clandestino








Juan Garrido Salgado immigrated to Australia from Chile in 1990, fleeing the regime that burned his poetry and imprisoned and tortured him for his political activism. He has published five books of poetry and his works has been widely translated. Juan has also translated works by a number of leading Australian poets including John Kinsella, Mike Ladd, Judith Beveridge, Dorothy Porter and MTC Cronin, into Spanish.

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