“The Fox” by Mohammad Ali Maleki

Mohammad started writing poetry when he was detained on Manus Island as a way to help his mental health and to survive the harsh conditions.
He says “Manus was a very bad place to torture us inside the camps.  I decided to put the words of my heart on paper.  When I wrote on paper and saw what was bothering me, I calmed down a bit by writing poems.  Writing these poems means removing grudges from my heart.”
“The Fox” is a tale about power and it’s uncertainty, and follows a hungry animal roaming the countryside for food. The book includes illustrations by fourteen artists and is bound with a sewn spine in reference to Mohammad’s past work as a tailor.
Mohammad presents this story “with the hope that one day all prisons and detention centres will be empty of innocent people.”

Illustrations by: Leila Ashtiani, Janet Galbraith, Jen Tyers, Anita Kelly, Naser, First Dog on the Moon, Mandy Ord, Mars Drum, Fakhr, Eaten Fish, Sina, Rachael Wenona Guy, Michael Camilleri & Daisy Noyes
Translated by Mansour Shoshtari
Produced by Rose Ertler & Janet Galbraith
Sewing by Cathy Perry, Industrial Sewing Workshop
THE FOX is available online on the SHOP page at:
Cost $12 (+ $2.20 postage)
All profit from book sales goes directly to Mohammad.
Mohammad’s earlier book THE STRONG SUNFLOWER (printed in the same format as The Fox) is also available online.
“The Fox” cover by Leila Ashtiani