About Us

“No one can give us a voice and no one can take our voice away.  Our voices are ours and we do with them what we will”.

Writing Through Fences is a group of people who create – write or make art.  Most of the members are, or have been, incarcerated in Australia’s immigration detention regime.  A small group of non-refugee artists and writers resident in the stolen lands now called Australia, are involved in collaborative, amplification and resourcing roles.

Writing Through Fences remembers that we are working, living, and imprisoned within the long colonial practices of division of country, of displacement and incarceration that is characteristic of Australia’s ongoing colonial racist history.  We remember that sovereignty has never been ceded.  We remember this continent always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

Writing Through Fences aims to open places for collaboration where writers and artists explore their ideas, creativity, experiences and identities within, before, after and despite immigration detention.  We aim to push aside walls that would attempt to contain and destroy us and our work. Creation is resistance, we create in order to ward off the killing effects of destruction.

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