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from Far from Home


Farhad Bandesh is a Kurdish musician, instrument maker, poet and artist.¬† Farhad¬† is currently incarcerated¬† in Australia’s immigration prison on Manus Island.

THE BIG EXHALE was launched in May 2019 at the blak dot gallery in Melbourne.

Please see, hear and purchase THE BIG EXHALE here: https://farhadbandeshband.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR2OmIat4VNC2nrSXmdWGcsq3cnCEEHvL6cTn5Z-0XtRU1CrgjRDnRbfSPs

Music written by: Farhad Bandesh
Lyrics written by: Jenell Quinsee and Farhad Bandesh

Song released by Wantok Music, Guitar and vocals: Farhad Bandesh, Piano: David Bridie, Violinist: Hope Csutoros, Producer: David Bridie, Recorded and mixed: Andrew Robinson

Music video produced by Wendyhouse Films, Director: Helen Turton, Producer: Jack Rintoul, Director of Photography: Benjamin Laut, Dancer: Bilal Zeine, Choreography: Jasmine Kyle, Violinist: Isabel Hede

This music video was filmed and produced on the land of the Wurundjeri of the Kulin Nation and we pay our respects.

Listen to some of Farhad’s music and collaborations here:

Sayyid’s Silos Lament: https://wantokmusik.bandcamp.com/track/sayyids-silo-lament

Anna Liebzeit and Farhad Bandesh: Far from Home


Silence to freedom