Benham writes because he has been forced to whilst a political prisoner of Australia in PNG


Oh,My Manus Island…
Pristine, beutiful, Gloomy land
Ohh, My Manus Island…
Deaths, suicides, self harms, not countable by hand
Ohh, what happened? the beauty land??
Australia, 5 years, illegal imprisonment
Tortures, slavery, all in your land
Running on treadmill, taking Amitriptilin
Maro,Whisky and chewing Mirtazepine
Depression, PTSD, feeling always down
Being a way from family, hurts you to the Bone
Crying and love, worrying about the Time
Being in Prison, without committing a Crime
Its been happening,a ll Politicians Game
All by Australia, but PNG to Blame
Its already gone, 5 years with tears
sleeping tonight, is only matters
My Beautiful land, Its not Only you..
Its been happening, to people on Nauru
5 years, is passed, breathing in POM
Maybe future, brings freedom?!

July 20, 2018