After years of being detained in Indonesia Boush has now been granted Refugee Status but remains in limbo in Indonesia.

Never leave you alone and never let you down.

Your enemies are there in the bushes, laying like lions cowardly on the ground waiting to hunt you. Only i can be there when many have left you alone, when many have let you down.  They are always around you, trying to surround you, swearing to cage you.  But still there I will be.

My love

When you are a prisoner I will be the locker to free you, to escape like hungry birds in the morning rushing out for seeds. In those moments when you can’t fly, I will be your wings to take you away to the blue sky.  In the moment when you stare at the darkness, I will be your lightness.  When you’re scared to cross that ocean, be a ship, I will be water to carry you out.

My love

A cell is a home where both innocent and criminal can be, you just be whatever, I will fight your battle from cell to hell to be free, to demand justice.  There still I will be – your lawyer, to let you know when their soldiers are jeering at the ring of justice and your soldiers celebrating with victory and happiness.

My lover, I will be your cover and harvest that honour.


  • Boush Feb 2018


I WONDER: for Bashir

Mr. President, I wonder why we hide behind fences and talk about your wickedness? I wonder why you are still president? I wonder if you want to change your way to peace?

I wonder about our country where rich people live and poor people slowly die.

I cannot say anything or criticize you when I find myself around your wickedness, but I can when I feel out side of your reach.

For you there is nowhere to hide but there is for me.

You still teach lies and deal your wickedness to those who never feel free and never feel peace. Is there still human life among your bad mystery?

I wonder why those humans still begging for peace, searching for love, a hug, education and heath care are not allowed to talk on their rights?
I wonder if presidents are always going to be crazy and the world is always going to be mysterious?
I wonder why we can not live with each other, why we can not live with ourselves?

I wonder why we cannot help each other to find a solution to our problems?

I wonder what they would think if we spoke out and organized our words to express our suffering condition?

Would they think it was robotic communication? Meaningless?

I really wonder!

I wonder about those poor presidents who govern rich people and poor, but all live with respect, freedom, democracy and peace around them.

I wonder about my stupid president who is still in a deep sleep, dealing wickedness, lying to us while others bring peace and love to their people!

I wonder, what would happen if we woke you up?

-Boush, 2015


Idiot man president ( Bashir بشه)

You who lost us our future, left us just thinking how prepare we are to fighting.  Is it good?
You who brought corruption and poverty into our country, left your people thinking how to escape from their country looking for freedom places. Is it better for you?
Today most of Sudanese women they have forgotten all their basic requirements.  They too have begun carrying guns, jeering, calling by name of homeland for all.  What is wrong that we have done to you ?
You who you displaced us, most of the women don’t know where are their children. Are they living or dead?
Please look a little at us. We are same human beings like you.

The life’s sun is going to set. Let us have free breath as you do idiot.


We are the world

We are the world. Let’s link our hands together respectfully for the sake of living in peace and freedom . Hand on hand with love we can do the best for our future.  Let’s forget these shameful words, fighting ,discrimination ,killing ,marginalization and displacement. We choose the best way for how we live in our beautiful world?


Some notes for you readers

I w’d like to post my story here just i like you will get some notes from here to know what is going in Darfur ( Sudan ) .
Firstly i would like to thank all Australian and people on this page for this chance .

Story about my life in Sudan :

Sudan is situated in Northern East Africa is a mixture of large number of tribes in their various colours .

Since 1989  Sudan has been governed by NCP national conference party. They called themselves by name Islamic Party and Sudanese president, idiot man, is called by name Omer Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir.

We have  lived under this regime for about 22years and killing , displacement and marginalization still continue in Sudan.

The dangerous war of discrimination  was started in Darfur in 2003 . Government of Ssudan has divided people into two types of humans – black and red. So black people have been suffering since this long time.  At first, in 2003 the Government of Sudan armed his Janjaweed Militias and ordered them  to kill three types of tribes in Darfur.  They are  Zagawa , Masaleet and Fur.  They are targeted because they are black people. I am also a black man and I belong to Zagawa tribe.  After years the war became comprehensive and took place in all areas in Darfur with others black tribes too.

Now we call our country Sudan by mane – Discrimination country.

Let you hear my sad story here :

I am Sudanese.  I live in Darfur Region.  Now I am in Indonesia.. I left my country as the result of war by Sudanese government. The  Janjaweed Militias attacked  my village and killed members of my family.  They burned my home,  destroyed  it completely by fire. After that I decided to flee  to Kabkabia town with my remaining family and we  registered in a camp.

I have seenJanJaweed Militias rape women and kill children and burned villages . Government used Antinov aircraft bombing villages, killing innocent animals. Really it was strange action I cannot tell it all – there are no words.

Since that time I have felt every harmful pain in my body but I spent all my life in inhumane condition and still i didn’t get health for my body.

Finally I decided to escape my country to Indonesia and I have been holding hope for long years to see Australia – a place I though of as humanity but i faced many problems after I reached Indonesia.  I have tried to get Asylum Seeker from UNHCR and am still waiting for long time yet i dont know what is going on.

My big problem is the harmfull pain in my body for long years.  I have complained about this to UNHCR and I wrote more letters to Indonesian organiztions till now no replying.

And i have tried to contact with australian humanitiarian organizations yet no answer !!!!! here is list of many organizations that i have wrote to them:
1- Australian human Rights commission.
2- Australian Human Rights Resources.
3- Australian Red Cross.
4- Australian Red Cross Blood.
5- Atheist Humanists Australia.
6- Anglican parish of Gosford.
7- Indonesian Red cross.
8- i have posted on Senator Sarah Hanson-young’s page.
Really i have done the impossible!! Now i am thinking and asking myself what can I do next?