Sabaa is a poet and writer from Somalia who is currently writing a story of her young and very eventful life.

She was detained on Christmas Island and is now in community.

Dear bird send my message


Dear bird, send my message.


send my humble greetings

and love

to people who are struggling

days and nights,

who are in every street


who are moving earth and heaven

just to help us.


Dear bird send my message.


Send an image of my eyes to Abbott,

tears are rolling like a river.

send my heart full of sorrow,

send my mind full of thoughts,

send him images of why I came.


Dear bird send my message.


Send my emotions to Morrison

who is enjoying my pain,

who does not think that I am a human being,

who thinks that I am just a number,

the waste of population.


Dear bird send my message.


Send my appreciation and gratitude

to lawyers who fight

for my freedom,

who give me hope

that some day

I will be able to sleep.


  • Sabaa 2013